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Fraud awareness- Tis the season to be cautious!

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Criminals worldwide are tricking millions of people into parting with billions of pounds every year. These criminals are called scammers.

Scammers are sophisticated, cunning and clever, employing many devious ways of collecting people's personal information. This enables them to know exactly who to target, and which type of scam those people are most likely to fall for. They contact potential victims by post, phone, email, text and on the doorstep.

Although it can be scary reading about scams, be assured that no matter what the scammer might try to make you believe, the truth is they really don't know you!


Below are some types of scams that happen to hundreds of people everyday:

Identity fraud: Scammers have ways of stealing peoples identities, including phoning a person, accessing discarded letters and bank statements, and stealing from computers and mobile devices.

Phone spoofing scams: Scammers change the calling ID displayed on your phone.

Lottery and prize draw scams: Lottery and prize draw scammers make contact by letter. They try to con people into believing they have won a prize or a large sum of money.

Clairvoyant scams: Sometimes contact people by email or phone, but it is usually by post. They try to trick you into believing their powers can solve all your problems.

Catalogue scams: Scammers send out literature selling a variety of different products including food, pills, beauty and health products, jewellery, clothes and items for the home and garden. They promise a prize with every order! But the prize never comes!

Courier scams: There are many variations of this scam. The scammer will phone the victim claiming to be someone official e.g. a bank manager, police officer or a law enforcement agent. They aim to panic you by saying something serious has happened!

Investment scams: Investment scammers con people into investing, by assuring them they will get a high return for very little risk!

HMRC scams: Although these scams are sent by email and text, scammers often contact victims by phone and leave an automated voicemail. They will say there is a serious issue with your tax or that you are being rewarded a tax refund.

Dating scams: Scammers use other peoples photo's to create a fake account. They often claim they work oversea and need money to help them come home, or help with medical bills, or money for a visa/plane ticket to come meet you.

Distraction burglary scams: Often work in pairs, while one criminal distracts you the other enters your home to look for cash and valuables. If you're not expecting anyone, don't answer the door.

Rogue trader scams: Often call at peoples houses stating work needs to be done or offering services such as gutter cleaning or paving. They come across as very friendly and stating an initially low price, this price quickly jumps up in cost!

Computer software and service scams: These scammers often phone the victim, asking for you by name, and state they are a computer-security expert from Microsoft, apple or other legitimate companies. Scammers can also create fake 'pop-up' adverts on screen.






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