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Car thefts, is your vehicle as secure as it can be?


Dear resident

                      There are currently higher numbers of car thefts in your area. Many of these vehicles are being stolen without keys. Criminals can use a device that communicates between your key/s and your car, in effect tricking the car into thinking that your key is there and allowing the car to be opened and driven away.

Please click on the following for advice - Advice issued to owners of keyless entry cars after rise in vehicle thefts | Northamptonshire Police (northants.police.uk)


In addition to this, please consider stepping up security, layering security measures of your vehicle and indeed your home. More layers of security make your vehicle and your home and belongings more of a risk to the thief, and a less desirable target.





  • Store your keys in a faraday pouch and then inside a foil lined tin to block the signal
  • Use a steering lock as a visible deterrent. This is a police preferred lock: Disklok - The UKs Strongest Steering Wheel Lock (disklokuk.co.uk)
  • Install a tracking device on your car. This is a police preferred tracker: Vehicle Tracking Solutions | Personal & Business | Tracker


     If you have any information relating to a crime, you can call us on 101,  Alternatively you can report online here.

    You can also pass on information anonymously to the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


    There are some simple but effective things you can do to help protect your vehicle.


  • Park your car in a garage or driveway if possible, or on a busy, well-lit road.  Choose a ParkMark® accredited public car park wherever possible
  • Physically check your central locking system has activated to ensure the signal hasn’t been blocked and the car left unlocked
  • Store keys for keyless entry cars in a RFID pouch or foil lined tin to block signal from scanners that will remotely unlock your car e.g Defender Signal Blocker
  • use a steering lock.
  • store all vehicle keys in a faraday pouch.
  • Further security tips and advice can be found on the Northamptonshire Police website and on the Neighbourhood Watch website. 

    If you would like to contact your local policing team, visit the Your Area section of our website.

    PCSO Earl

    Location Neighbourhood Policing Team

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