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General crime prevention advice

Dear Resident


Daventry neighbourhood team is sending a reminder to people as the evenings get darker about the security of home and vehicles.  The simple steps listed below may prevent you from becoming a victim.


Crime Prevention Advice


The most basic home security measure is to simply lock up.  This gets overlooked more often than you think, and a surprising number of people leave windows open or forget to lock the door.  Do not make it easy for burglars, take these simple precautions to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime.


Your home:


·         Keep front and back doors locked at all times, even when you are at home.

·         If you are out in the evening, make sure you leave a light on and draw the curtains.

·         If it is dark before you get home, use timer switches to turn on the lights.

·         Light up your front door with dusk to dawn lighting and make sure it is visible from the street.

·         Keep keys and valuables out of sight and reach from cat flaps, letterboxes and downstairs doors and windows.

·         If you have a burglar alarm, use it.


Your vehicle:


·         Always keep your vehicle locked and close the windows, even if you are only leaving the vehicle for a few moments.

·         Always remove all items from your vehicle when parked, even an old coat may be enough to tempt a thief.

·         Never leave keys in the ignition, not even at a garage when paying for petrol.

·         Keep keys safe at all times, whether you are out or at home.


Please take some time to visit these sites for more advice:


·         Further advice from the police www.northants.police.uk/crimeprevention


·         For approved products visits www.securedbydesign.com or www.soldsecure.com


·         For Neighbourhood Watch www.ourwatch.org.uk/area/northamptonshire


·         For approved alarm installers www.ssaib.org or www.nsi.org.uk


·         Register your property for free at www.immobilise.com


·         For registering bikes and for bike marking products www.bikeregister.com


The most basic yet effective advice is to keep your home locked and secured and prevent opportunist burglaries. 


Yours faithfully

 PCSO Emma Teagles 

Daventry Neighbourhood Police Team

Northamptonshire Police


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