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December crime prevention advice



December is here! and the Christmas decorations are coming out! With this criminals will be on the look out for opportunity to make some quick money and potentially ruin your Christmas. Here are some top tips you might like to think about. 


1.       Don’t put your recycling out too early! Its great when we get a new top of the range TV however your stuck with that annoying giant cardboard box! By putting it outside you are telling the world what you have inside your house potentially making yourself a target. Pop it in the garage or a shed until recycling day. Check the council website for bin your correct bin day! 



2.       Don’t advertise your plans. Lots of people go and stay with relatives over Christmas or pop away for a few days. that’s great but don’t tell the world your plans and defiantly don’t make it obvious on social media. This is valuable information that thieves can use when planning a burglary.


3.       If you are away over Christmas, encourage your neighbours to let their guests park on your driveway. Cars constantly on and off the driveway give the illusion that you are still at home.


4.       Use Timer lights. Christmas lights are wonderful but have them on a timer so that it looks like you’re at home even if you’re not. Outside lights also look great however it is a common mistake is feeding extension cables through partially open windows; criminals know to look for this vulnerability. When it comes to outdoor lighting, if you don't have an external plug outlet, opt for solar or battery-operated lights instead. 


5.       Window stickers and signs, if you have stickers or signs saying that you mark your property and you are in the neighbourhood watch this shows a level of crime awareness and may make potential burglars think twice. We have a small supply of "No cold Caller"  signs that I am happy to send out - Just drop me a reply to this message with the address to send to. 


6.       Check your home is secure, this includes any outbuildings and sheds. 


6.      Consider using the “Immobilise” website to mark and record your property so that if it is stolen and recovered by police it can come back to you, this includes, Phones, bikes gadgets and other items! You can also mark your property with UV pens, again we have a small supply of these, let me know if you wish for one to be sent to you. 

The National Property Register, for Phones, Gadgets, Bicycles & More... (immobilise.com)

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