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How to spot a cannabis farm



Cannabis farms can crop up in any residential area, not just in homes but in the back of shops, warehouses and derelict buildings.


What To Look Out For


Strong odours – Cannabis crops take around three months to grow, odours can be potent in the final weeks.

Covered up windows – Curtains always drawn up or windows covered/boarded up from the inside.

Excessive security measures – Excessive security measures such as extra locks or grilles on windows.

Lots of condensation – Cannabis plants need a greenhouse like environment to grow. Look out for condensation on the windows, especially in the summer months.

Lots of visitors – Frequent visitors at unsociable hours. 

Resident only visiting address twice weekly – Some cannabis growers are extremely organised and only tend to the plants a couple of times a week. 

Plant growing equipment – Look out for potential growers taking lots of plant growing equipment in and out of properties, such as soil/fertiliser and plant waste. 

Lot of cables and wiring – Cannabis farm set ups require lots of cables and wirings for all the equipment, if wires are still hanging from ceilings/walls after a week, this may be a sign of a grow. 

Excessive electricity bills (For Landlords) – Have the electricity bills suddenly spiked or dropped? It may be likely that the tenants are fiddling with the meter. 

Snow – Cannabis farms produce a lot of heat. Be wary of a property without a snow-covered roof.

Bright lights day and night – Cannabis plants need light to grow, look out for properties with bright lighting. 

Buzz of ventilation – The constant noise of a fan could be for ventilation for cannabis grows.

Vulnerable adults – Sometimes foreign nationals are forced to tend to cannabis farms and are victims of human trafficking/modern slavery. 


If there is a property or premise with the above signs in your area please reply to this message or alternatively report via 101 or Crimestoppers.

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