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Locally Identified Priorities for Kettering - You Said We Did


Dear Resident

In December 2023, we set three local priorities – Road Safety and Road Traffic Offences, Drug Dealing and Drug Misuse and Burglary. 

These were based on what local people told us concerned them most in their neighbourhood, as well as local crime statistics and information from our partners (such as the local council).

These priorities have been the focus of much of our work over the last four months and below is an update about some of the work we have been doing to tackle them.


We’ve completed several speed gun patrols in areas that were highlighted by the community as being areas of concern.

We have issued 16 warning letters where most appropriate around speeding.

We’ve dealt with 52 fixed penalty notices for motoring offences for offences including speeding and driving without insurance.

We’ve seized multiple vehicles in this period due to motoring offences such as no insurance.

Working with council colleagues, we’ve carried out several parking patrols outside local schools supporting the council in issuing tickets to offending vehicles.

Following information received from the community, we have dealt with 32 drug-related offences and have also conducted numerous drug warrants in the area following intelligence being received by the community. This includes the dismantling of cannabis factories located within the town.

We have as a result of community intelligence around drug dealing and Antisocial behaviour, sought and issued 2 closure orders on properties.

We continue to carry out regular cuckooing checks at the addresses of those identified as being vulnerable to being exploited by drug dealers.

We continue to visit the area of every domestic burglary and have supported vulnerable victims, working with other agencies to give security advice and have also patrolled the areas around burglary locations to prevent further offences.


Everyone who lives or works in Northamptonshire is invited to tell us about any local issues that concern them and the easiest way to do this is by completing our Local Priorities survey

Please click here to complete the survey

Your feedback is really important and we appreciate you taking the time to share your views with us.

Thank you

Inspector Paul Cash 
Kettering Neighbourhood Policing Team

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