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Please note that this service is not for reporting crimes or incidents – to make a report please contact Northamptonshire Police via the Home | Northamptonshire Police (northants.police.uk) or alternatively by dialling 101.  Please remember if there is a crime in progress or someone’s life is in danger dial 999.

Riverside NN5 Team

JONATHAN BALLIN (Northants Police, PC, NN4 Western Favell)

Jonathan Ballin


Andrew  Cleaver (Northants Police, PC, NN4 Northampton East)

Andrew Cleaver


Becky Davis (Northamptonshire Police, PC, NN3 Weston favell)

Becky Davis


Michael Harrison  (Police , PCSO, NN4 Northampton North East  NPT)

Michael Harrison


Steve Hoadley (Northamptonshire Police, PCSO, NN4 Northampton)

Steve Hoadley


Catalin Jipa (Northamptonshire Police, PC , NN4 Weston Favell)

Catalin Jipa


Laura  Nowell  (Northamptonshire Police, PCSO, NN3 Northampton North East)

Laura Nowell


James Phipp (Northamptonshire Police, PC, NN4 Weston Favell )

James Phipp


Stephen Whiting (Northamptonshire Police, PCSO, NN4 Northampton)

Stephen Whiting


Ricky Wildman (Northamptonshire Police, Police Sergeant, NN4 Northampton)

Ricky Wildman

Police Sergeant

Rodney Williams (Police, Inspector, NN Northampton)

Rodney Williams


Local Priority Issues

We regularly speak to local residents to establish what issues they may be experiencing in the area.

To have your say on local issues, please click on the button below to complete a short survey.

Latest Alerts

Message icon 6P3

Electric scooters

Dear Resident As Christmas is round the corner and presents are bought I thought it would be t...

The Police
01/12/2023 17:02:10

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Message icon 15P3

Rogue Trader Advice

Dear Resident Rogue traders may quote low prices, but they will soon demand more money and ver...

The Police
29/11/2023 18:32:45

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Message icon 1P2

Theft of number plate/vehicle interference

Dear Resident We are appealing for information after a VAN had its number plates stolen in VAL...

The Police
29/11/2023 14:48:44

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Message icon 56P3

Criminal Damage to Cars

Between 25/11/2023 and 26/11/2023 a spate of car wing mirrors have been damaged from vehicles locate...

The Police
28/11/2023 16:14:29

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Message icon 18P3

Local Officer

Dear Resident Are you concerned about drugs and drug dealing where you live? Do you have any i...

The Police
28/11/2023 15:08:31

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Message icon 28P3

Positive Warrant

Dear Resident I am sending this message to advise you that by acting on information gained fro...

The Police
28/11/2023 13:56:58

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Message icon 120447

Shed & Garage Security

Keeping your shed or garage safe and secureMany people don’t secure their shed or garage in the same...

The Police
27/11/2023 18:04:14

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Message icon 5P1

Burglary in Crediton close

Dear Resident We are appealing for information about a burglary at a home on Crediton Close No...

The Police
26/11/2023 16:57:17

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